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Hiring A Private Caregiver A Step-by-step Guide

Hiring a private caregiver can be a budget wise decision, since private caregivers are often less costly then agency caregivers. However, you must be prepared to interview, screen, hire, manage, and take-on the insurance/tax implications of hiring private care.

If this sounds like the best fit for your situation, you can hire a private caregiver in 4 simple steps:
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Search our database of caregivers in your area


Place a help wanted ad for a private caregiver and let caregivers contact you

Identify the qualities you are looking and get to know your potential caregivers

See our guide to Selecting the Best Care, as well as interviewing and screening private caregivers

Select the best caregiver for you and negotiate terms

See our guide to
Hiring a Private Caregiver

Set your relationship up for success

See our tips for
Day-to-Day Management of your Private Caregiver